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Physiotherapy in Crystal Lake

Interferential Current Stimulation

Interferential current is best described as a deeper form of TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. This type of therapy effectively delivers therapeutic frequencies to tissue. With Interferential Stimulators, the current is able to reach greater depths and cover a larger volume of tissue than other forms of electrical therapy cannot. This therapy is frequently used for pre and post-orthopedic surgery, joint injury syndrome, cumulative trauma disorders, increasing circulation and pain control of various regions.

Motorized Intersegmental Traction

Motorized Intersegmental Traction reduces adhesions, restores ligament elasticity, increases joint range of motion, and enhances alignment. Many people refer to this as a “roller table”. It provides massage and traction to spinal segments and exercises the joints without the patient expending energy. In our office this is most often used at the end of the patient treatment to provide a moment of stress free relaxation, as well as traction to the spine. We believe it is important for people to take a few moments out of everyday to stop whatever they are doing and not concentrate on the stressors of everyday life allowing your body to regroup.


Personalized Exercises and Stretches

Physical Therapy

Along with chiropractic care we may recommend other modalities to assist with the healing.

Our doctors use and instruct the most effective exercises and stretches for each patient depending on their condition and their symptoms. The activities are intended to improve strength, flexibility, stability, and overall health and wellness.

The individualized exercise treatment plan will be monitored in the office by our health care professionals to ensure each patient is capable and able to correctly perform and fully understands each activity.

Orthotic Training

Orthotics are a device that is inserted into your shoes to help support weak or ineffective joints or muscles. Their purpose is to increase the motion, function and balance of the surrounding joints.

In our office we do individualized scans of a patient’s feet while in motion and while they are stationary to ensure the most effective orthotic is created for that patient. Types of specific orthotics include (golf cleats, basketball shoes, running shoes, high heels, dress shoes, steel toe boots, etc.)

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